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This is the heavy lift helicopter that we use to transport the solid hydrogen jet fuel from the platform bridge to anywhere in the country in any country where we build these bridges. The first one is off East Cape North Island New Zealand in rough seas.
New ideas

John Wanoa June 2012


The latest news at the time of 2012 was that we talked to 'Transpower' and 'Contact Energy' about linking new portable power stations near to the higher density Cities and Industries around Auckland New Zealand who use the greatest amount of electricity and gas. It is quicker to use hydrogen powered helicopters to airlift 20 tons of solid hydrogen gas in to these areas and remote power sub stations and in KaiparaHarbor as well where we targettedrat any time dropped in to international airports and main trunk sub-stations with quicker turnaround in logistics distribution of power and gas Moai Power House Group Co Operativewill own the new power stations, connects our solid hydrogenrocket fuel canisters to a remote 1 Megawatt fuel cell power plant and provide the jet fuel for 10 Megawatt jet engine generators running 24 hours 7 days a week with less maintenance periods. The remote pwoer stations links Transpower Ltd and Contact Energy Ltd high voltage Power lines. Moai will also deliver solid hydrogen gas to other industries as jet fuel for aircraft, heavy machinery hybrid vehicle service stations around the country. The maximum load we can carry is 20 tonsweight ofd fuel on a Hydrogen powered MI 26 Russian Helicopter  at one time​, though the Russian 225 Antonove can carry 150 Tons and powe tself on the same hydrogen jet fuel for big advantage in heavy lift operations and provides for international passenger airlines, is a big saving, profit for shareholders.

This energy news page is linked to other pages on our site, email addresses, documents and external websites that links to energy news and development of the natural resources where your investment funds are going into. Everything you see on our websites is value for money spent. We cut out road delivery shipping costby air means more profit ROI return for investors

Latest projects

John Wanoa June 2012

We completed pre ararngements with Vahan Beibuitan Director of H Bank Technologies in Taiwan, manufacturers of the Solid Hydrogen Canisters. The owner of the business say its possible to custom build Hydrogen metal canisters to store Hydrogen in large capacity exchange stored solid metal hydrogen tank systems 20 tons at a time airlifted by Moai new MI 26 heavy lift helicopters works out more economical than delivering by road transport. Providing we convert all Helicopters to burn Liquid hydrogen before their delivery to Auckland New Zealand. The weight is a factor as each tank holds up to 1.5Kg hydrogen converted to solid metal. It is released from the tap at 20 degrees kelvin temperature as 16,500 liters of gas fuel ready to convert by fuel cells or burn as combustible gas fuels.

Latest news. Awaiting confirmation of a sale and purchase on this fast ferry ship. It will carry 120 tons of solid hydrogen fuel from the platform bridge in the Raukumara Basin at East Cape. These are the assets that the new shareholder is investing in and so you will see a complete breakdown of the components that will make up the production and distribution of the SH solid hydrogen jet fuel product delivered direct to the sub stations and factories service stations from the platform bridge off Raukumara Basin 20km off Lottin Point East Cape. We need share capital to start purchasing this ship, two 33 ton heavy lift helicopters like this one, the platform bridge hydrogen generators turbines, the solid hydrogen containers, equipment, land, buildings, power generators and fuel cells and the list goes on. There is only Kevin, myself, my daughters, Kevins staff and


XERO Accounting is the priority of payment" Automated System to take over this account and shareholding system when you the shareholders investors help to pay XERO up front, pay TagPay account database company, Moai Merchant, ANZ Banks visa, , m-wallet, google, the 10 helicopter crew and 2 pilots for the 2 helicopter aircraft, the skipper and his crew of navigator engineer and mechanic and other items that our Company Accountant approves justified genuine purchases. We are at this point right now.

Our new app

John Wanoa June 2012

The new apps are forTagPay mobile phone for investors deposits and withdrawals. These deposits will be in British Pound Sterling and or Euro for surplus MOAIENERGY coded BullionVault Gold Bank Account in London, and mostly into "MOAI POWERHOUSE Limited" Company's London Foreign currency Account of NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LTD Bank Branch in Auckland New Zealand. The Accounts will operate from our Parent Company NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LTD which is a 999,999,999,999 share Company in ANZ Bank Auckland New Zealand and London. You will see that Moai uses three Banks "Moai Sovereign Bank", ANZ Bank of New Zealand and BullionVault Gold Bank for Investments. 6 website icons direct you to each of them to keep this site as shares specifically in Hydrogen, Water, Gold information briefs on main page introduction. This keep topics specific as people may want to deposit funds first than read the information after. Our testimonials covers the whole world energy industry related trade business.

The other product besides solid hydrogen is Gold Bullion Purchases. There are One Billion shares which is the money you invest in Moai Gold Investments, separated from LH2 Liquid Hydrogen and SH2 Solid Hydrogen Jet fuel shares. It includes shares in HEV High Energy Vacuum Superconducting Engines and HF High Frequency Engines which we design to developing at this current stage. The main product's combined is "MOAI-HEV-SC" High Vacuum Superconducting Engine Power, Hydrogen Energy, Water, Gold, Currency Money" as our introduction into the Hydrogen Economy using Mobile Phone Communications. I hope you find this website is interesting for a layman's attempt to bring this 12 year research program to a head conclusion and go ahead as confident

The apps for gold bullion will be linked to ANZ Bank and TagPay currently and other mobile payment systems such as M-Wallet, PayTag, Google, ECash, Orange,  GCash, Stormpay, EWallet, ETag, UKash, Neteller Droplet for transfer of shareholder funds from Moai Foreign Currency Bank into BullionVault Gold Bank Account directly, retaining most in Moai Foreign Currency Account as Moai Gold-Water-HEV H2 money currency. The apps are linked to mobile phones so you can check your Gold Bank Accounts and Share accounts payments deposits as well, 24 hours 7 days deposits in any amounts into MOAI account by mobile phones