The Purge Of The Cabal Begins


The Purge Of Cabal Has Begun with Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key Banker on CIA Assassination list

THE PURGE OF CABAL ACCELERATES VIDEO: The Purge Of The Cabal Begins - YouTube The Purge of the Cabal Accelerates. Kabal means those who follow Lucifer and his Kaballah. In the west it uses a C and becomes Cabal. They are conduct Satanic Human Sacrifices and follow NAZI principles. Benjamin Fulford has stated a week ago that many people in this Cabal are now disappearing. Further - the following political leaders have not only resigned or been thrown out of office and are facing real Jail Time: 1) Italian Prime Minister Renzi 2) French President Hollande 3) European Parliament Leader Martin Schulz 4) New Zealand Prime Minister John Key 5) Nicholis Sarkozi has been taken down 6) South Korean President Park Hye 7) Prime Minister Abe has agreed to work with Chinese President Jinping 8) Chinese President Xi Jinping has agreed to work with the Red Dragons despite his Personal Human Sacrifices. He is not to be trusted. 9) Here in America the Lucifarian Opeis Dae Bishop Javier Echeverria - leader of the Catholic “Celebrity Cult” was discovered dead earlier today - less than 24 hours after speaking with Hillary’s Human Sacrificing John Podesta. The Wall Street Journal confirmed the CIA is about to launch an Electorial College Coup against President Trump - which will get many CIA Agents killed -- So GOD has said it, so it shall be. They will give their lives to Lucifer. Opus Dei has operated as an Appendage of the CIA for years, being paid out of the money created on the CIA Computers. The false flags now being attempted by the CIA before, or on, 19 December are: …a) The launching of a Nuke under Yellow Stone using a Nuke placed there by the AMEC Corporation. We discussed this in previous videos. …b) A Nuke under Mount Lassen in one of the many Volcanic Tubes that exist there. I spent about 6 months setting up timber sales there and have seen these caves. Many you could drive an M1 Tank Down - they are that big - and they seem to go on forever. …c) The CIA will try and disrupt Key State Delegate Gatherings on 19 December with “Fake Bombings” in Texas, New York, California, Ohio and a dozen other states. If they do this where I am I will take aggressive actions against these CIA Terrorists - and if they again try this they are literally giving their lives to Lucifer - as they will be hunted down like the rats they are. After Trump takes office the War Trials against those in the NAZI Satanic Cabal will begin as well as the take down of the Main Stream Media. So GOD has said it, so it shall be. GOD has had enough of your Human Sacrifices and Satanic NAZI ways. It’s over. As for the 9 NAZI cities under Antarctica - they will assist in this purge or they may find their continent “Shifting” - causing their cities to Crumble. GOD has had enough. ========================= Pray that the Evil Plans of Satan (Lucifer) crumble before their eyes Pray that your families are ready ========================= The News You Need Dr William B. Mount ========================== ----SAVINGS TIP OF THE DAY---- CANCEL YOUR CABLE AND BUY A TIGER STREAM - WE WATCHED “CASABLANCA” A FEW NIGHTS AGO IF YOU USE THE CODE “MOUNT” YOU SAVE $75. TONIGHT - WE WILL WATCH - WHO KNOWS. ALSO - FOR THE NEXT 3 DAYS ALL TACTICAL FLASHLIGHTS ARE 30% OFF - SITE WIDE DISCOUNT THIS IS YOUR SHOW - WE BROADCAST WHAT YOU WISH TO SEE YOU HAVE A VOICE FINALLY - THE MESSING WITH OUR VIDEOS BY GOOGLE WILL NOW BE DEALT WITH BY THE LIVING GOD. SO HE HAS SAID IT, SO IT SHALL BE. ========================= REFERENCES Electoral College Members Seek Intel Briefing on Possible Russian Meddling in Election to Aid Trump | Democracy Now! Benjamin Fulford 12-5-16… “The dominoes keep falling, Hollande, Renzi, Sarkozy down, Xi, Putin, Abe and Merkel now targeted” | Kauilapele's Blog Ascension with Mother Earth and Current State of Affairs: #PizzaGate - Hollywood Celebrities Take Part In Mock Satanic Ritual with Marina Abramovic "Spirit Cooking" Benjamin Fulford 12-12-16… “Khazarian mafia still planning big false flag events but their defeat is certain” | Kauilapele's Blog Trump Retaliation Against Coup Begins After “Spiritual Leader” Of CIA Assassinated Opus Dei Leader Echevarria Dead at 84 Donald Trump Freemason Forces Retaliate Against Vatican, Kill Pope Francis Secretary

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