Moai Tidal Energy Pound Note Shares

As at Monday 1 August 2016 we have delayed the launching of the Share Certificates till the Pound Note is activated in the Bank under the Moai Crown King William IV Commercial Trading Bank Flag "Waitangi Marae Kings Bench Court"

Please fill out your details on the front page of the website for your Free Moai ₤25 Pound Share as a fully paid up member creditor and beneficiary to the Moai Powerhouse Group Co Operative Pound Note Levy Debtor/Creditor Legal Instrument. We will screen pring what you fill out and press send as your credit note receipt claim to the Pound note as a shareholder owner with one share to the value of ₤25 pound Moai Pound Note Currency Value Instrument paid after expenses of the Company and its directors to you as electronic credit through TagPay from ₤1 up to a maximum transfer of ₤100,000 within a minute according to TagPay rules is fail proof system so far after at least 10 years France

Please leave all Questions and I will answer them on this blog. Once the Flags are activated in TagPay you press the Flag to register the same application is the minimum requirement in all ages and genders able to purchase shares and there is no limit to 9999,9999,9999,9999 shares in total registered in New Zealand under NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LIMITED Parent Corporate Company MOAI POWER HOUSE 1 Is a Private Company in Auckland New Zealand Office Registered at 07B Park Ave Otahuhu 1062 South Auckland New Zealand The Main Office is to be established in UK Britain London MOAI POWER HOUSE GROUP Private Company. The are 250 Countries Flags with 1 trillion shares allocated in each country with a top up shre facility from the main share company The currency is the original Native Chief Pound Notes given by King William IV with the 1835 Declaration of Independence Flag of Admiralty Court Martial Law of the Sea Land Jurisdiction Constitution and Sovereign Self Government King Emperor Flag of Free Passage through the World with the Kings Pound Note. Thank you for your patience

Latest is that Moai is acquiring

the lease on our Ancestral lands at Herenga A12 Land Block at Port Awanui East of Ruatoria old English Spanish Settlement Village called "Port Awanui Township" To be restored direct links to England

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