Acts of King William IV Westminster Parliament 1830 to 1837

Moai Crown 1834 Whakameninga Native Surname Chief Kingi Taurua Sheriff John Wanoa Judge Manahi Parapara Mauheni and Bundy Waitai and 6 Grand Jury use in the "Waitangi Marae Kings Bench Native Court" 6 February 2017 and 20 March 2017 British Red Dragon King Ernest Augustus V 2017 Westminster Parliament and Moai Gold Dragon "Moai Crown" Spirit in the Waitangi Court House" Under Salic Law Queen Victoria of Hanover is not the Legitimate Monarch to Britain UK when King William IV Brother should have automatically become King (Salic Law of Hanover and England Forbids Woman succeeding to the Throne Moai is challenging that Title to the "Queen Victoria Trust" and "Akaroa Bank" Inheritance between King Ernest Augustus V (69) and "Moai Crown" Chief Kingi Taurua Commercial Land Owner of that land the Waitangi House sits on only with the British Ship is his Land Title matching his name and "Moai Crown" Tahitian Title with me as his Native Land Commissioner Sheriff Creditor and "Moai Power House Bank" Pound Note Legal Instruments. We are talking about the actual land the Ship is resting on to Britain that forms the basis of this Title Maori and IWI cannot enter into this Private Commercial Contract with its Paper Trail of Docyuments and Memorials intact to our Native Surnames with Manahi Parapara Mauheni a the Judge and Budy Waitai as the Jury with Kingi taurua in this Marae no one else Its lreadyin Westminster since 2008 Lisbon Treaty Queen Elizabeth II and PM Gordon Brown sold Britain to EU Parliament where the Queen has escaped to and abandoned King William IV Ship of Admiralty sitting on kingi Taurua 15 acres of lWaitangi Land and 38 acres of Te Tii land both Marae are sitting on that land that has his name on in Westminster Parliament Red Dragons He qualifies as Military man

The current situation as of 12 December 2016 PM John Key resigned from office of New Zealand Cabinet and Parliament but his legacy is linked in Liability to Queen Victoria NSW Government Australia to Queen Elizabeth II in Parliament Sovereignty that is missing from their Seal of Westminster Parliament and Jurisdiction is absent and he has run the Panama Papers of Tax Fraud among other business transaction in violation of the Salic Law of Hanover Kings Bench Court Laws and Monarch Sovereign Power she has abused with PM John Key and Corrupted Westminster Parliament and Moai Crown King William IV Monarchy Sovereign Fag British Partnership Private Contract as at 20 March 1834 the "Moai Crown" King William IV Whakameninga Native Court its Commercial land owner Sheriff and Grand Jury calls to account the Queen and John Key Removal from our "Queen Victoria Trust"

We replace the Queen as Head trustee with myself and another Moai Native and 2 British from Britain not New Zealand because they are Moai Tenants accommodated under New Zealand Parliament Sovereignty that has no Queen at its head and in their ignorance to grab as much land as thy want and say nothing is a consequence of the Moai Levy Debtor Pound Note on their Heads Bounty This is not a loss of land this is straight theft of land and resources Moai and the Red Dragons seize ba

ck with our Moai Crown King William IV Trust Native Court Orders and Pound Note Levy Debtor Instrument s

The picture is a capture of the Queen Crown Sovereignty with "IWI Maori" versus "Moai Hapu Native Chiefs Whakameninga Native Surnames only

No adopted surnames are admissible in this Moai Native Court only what your born with goes into the Maori Land Court and Maori Tribunal and Maori Treaty of Waitangi Claims for the 1% payout Settlement Contract is the end of it

Moai Hapu and King William IV British Settlement is with the Redcoat British Navy Chief as our Admiralty Court Martial Mrtgage bank Law Commercial Land Ownership Partners nothing with the settled British people here in another Jurisdiction of NSW Prison Convict Government in Wellington we investigate and Audit the Trust books here and in HM Treasury London as the Legal Right to settle the Queen with the Moai Pound Notes listed here


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