Our consulting services focuses on our clients' critical issues for opportunities.
​Moai form a World Co operative order
We work on strategy's, marketing and technology across all energy industries and geographies, bringing a functional expert concept plan & better known for our truthful approach to work. We love what we do to bring success to Moai's clients & communities throughout the world. John Wanoa, Project Manager.
We at Moai Consulting are experts strategists, helping our clients with their most complex challenges and building tailored solutions helping achieve sustainable growth begin by helping them choose focus on building community employment in order to achieve the most effective use of their land to build business homes. We aim to find the quickest solution to success independence.
Moai Consulting is a different type of consulting service. We contract only the best industry experts who offer unique access to specialist expertise and analytical tools. Our solutions are true innovative brave while at the same time we are the engineers being based on industry knowledge and keyhold marketing strategies, always with a solutions and advanced hydrogen strategys
Moai Power House Group Limited Company is a Gold Bullion Broker and subsidiary Tidal Energy Hydrogen High Energy Vacuum Water Currency Moai Gold Bank Share Company based here at No 2 Tapora Street Apartments for over 4 years. This Company holds 1,000,000,000 shares from it's parent Company NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LTD which holds 999,999,999,999 shares registered in New Zealand Company Office. MOAI POWER  HOUSE Limited Shares will be registered in UK Companies House where this new Company was registered there on 28 June 2012 PayPal and the National Bank recognize our Parent Company as the Account Holder but legally the Company shall operate from this Account till I change it into a UK new Bank Account which is the Foreign Currency Account that is running under my NA ATUA E WA AOTEA LTD Business Account. I let you know I am the Sole Director Owner of both Company's and all of its 999,999,999,999 shares, which I do now offer to Investors values MOAI Brand NAME web-site. All of the ideas and plans came from me and no one else created setting up MOAI concept plans. Moai holds the odd 1 Share valued at £1 Trillion pounds REAL Gold Bullion, Water, H-E-V Energy, and SH2 Solid Hydrogen Jet Fuel Money Currency. This makes up the 1 Trillion Hydrogen Shares offered on this Moai web-site today. I take full responsibly for all information on MOAI State Website and if anyone has issue with Copyrights that are offensive or belong to them inappropriate then please write to me direct in comments then I can have it removed. You will find Testimonials of Corporate Company appear on MOAI Website 

John Wanoa, CEO Founding Director

Some people dream of success. We make it happen to bring the energy into you home and into your businesses in third world countries where this service is needed the most. The tidal energy project is designed to provide the energy from a seabed anywhere in these countries so long as it is flowing in one direction. We hope to provide cheap mobile phones from a company and fit them with mobile applications to use as a money deposit and withdrawal payment tool instead of real money that can and will get lost. We will program these mobile phones to link to our Moai Bank Investment Account which our Co Operative member can use one Bank Account to represent a whole village of thousands of people set up a Moai Sovereign Bank in that Country. This means Leaders in that community can speak English communicate with our Management Team to finance and run their Business Trade and Development which is set up as a Co Operative with us the Bank Providers Directly. That means Moai Bank belongs to all members in a Group from all over the world. Finance is provided for housing families and get them to work and get paid by Moai Bank when these funds are available. Meeting by Skype, Text, will be weekly, monthly, yearly, perquisite to raising the Investments needed to build a first of many Tidal Energy Turbine Platform Bridge. That's when you expect the Moai Shares to show return on Investment 300% incentives for investors to save regularly in order make this project and service concept plan a big success based on hydrogen fuel. It is now crucial for Moai Management to acquire the assets it needs to start operation. We now offer shares service to raise the funding to purchase the Fast Ferry Ship, now we have a pre purchase inspection report, 3 x Heavy Lift MI 26 Helicopters, Motel Complex near Moai Tidal Turbine Energy Site, Hydrogen Compressors Generators and Storage Tank Canisters, Gold Bullion, Maintenance Workshop Equipment. We need a Budget to pay salaries of MOAI Service Staff & Project components