Why investing in tidal energy is to be first turbine to harness the largest source of hydraulic power in the ocean using co operative membership to share benefit
Moai Power House
​Moai Power House energy company is a global membership-owned social and economic enterprise scale model. The aim of our Moai Hydrogen Economic Development model is to support the creation of resilient, robust and organized communities to respond equitably to current or future energy challenges. Moai provides for profitable investment in the worlds hydrogen economy energy & infrastructure. As a result of these ideas, communities can expect modern SH2 hydrogen powered cities, vehicles, international Airlines, Shipping and heavy lift Transport as well as smaller remote hydrogen fuel projects and electric fuel cell Power Stations.  This  includes refueling International Passenger Airlines.


Moai Energy bringing engineers to rebuild any rural community of people and its citizens links together


The vision is to bring the different races of people together from around the world to rebuild their families divided and ruled under the force of those in power from the ruins they caused on them. A member who wishes to join Moai Power House has the same rights privileges as the global membership of investments, where we are going to place the Moai tidal turbine energy bridge platforms.  Moai bridges are the means of creating revenue from turning sea water into liquid hydrogen jet fuel as our main product forms a basis of our banking institution our economy & lines of credit. 

Moai Energy Tidal Turbine Design Engineer

Moai would be the largest turbine project ever to accomplish in large complex plan of many trades,  who will help to build Moai brand product liquid hydrogen jet fuel from a bridge platform in the ocean. Our Moai branding reflects a large part of our nation state to state trading business. The idea is to attract many shareholders around the world and make it affordable to them.  We took on the challenge head on and are delighted with results before releasing the first billion £1-shares of 1-Trillion shares.

Moai Tidal Energy Construction's  Turning Sea Water into Electricity and Solid Hydrogen Fuel


Working with Na Atua E Wa Aotea Ltd Engineering Co-Operative Share company team and Engineers, we set about creating plans for constructing the business for 2012.  We started planning the project 7 years earlier. The end result is to design and build two tidal bridge platforms to be planned and constructed in the Sea 20 km offshore for the first pilot project. We have videos taken on the coastline Lottin Point, East Cape, North Island, New Zealand, where the base is set up. The 7 year-long project was made into a video which displays the construction site plans ready to profile build it.