Moai Crown Confederation states quite clearly here in front of the world watching  these 3 named photographed persons are identified to the world at large are the 3 most wanted fraud ponzi bank heist terrorist conspirators as convicted criminals who are behind all the war, terrorism, Haarp frequency fracking man made earth quakes, chem trails poisoning the water skies, birds, bees, fish animals and people with their scientific chemicals AC-DC electronic waves on the earth man made suffering. The Convicted Criminal Defaulted Levy Debtors of 1/61 Cook St Fraud Land Transactions are Accesorries to the Fraud Rothschild, Queen Elizabeth II, Vatican City Pope Francis Church and State Private Company Accounts


1/61 Cook Street Auckland NZ Property Seizure Warrant Enforement Marshals and Moai Crown Admiralty Court Martial Sheriffs Documents