Quba Apartments

426/2 Tapora Street,

Auckland CBD, NZ. 1010.

TEL: +64 9 940-0552

MOB: +64 27 281-3963





Location: Te Tai Rawhiti, Aotea New Zealand


Take NOTICE! - Any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government. Also using or monitoring/using me “Ngatai Jaymie” or “Jaymie Ngatai” or "Jaymie NGATAI" or “Ngatai Jaymie Patrick Stewart” or "NGATAI JAYMIE PATRICK STEWART" or 'Jaymie Anna-Marie Patrick Stewart Ngatai' or "Moai Crown" or "Moai Power House" or  'John Hoani Kahaki Wanoa' or any variations of the above mentioned names commits a CRIME! If they Violate or use any of the above names that are legally linked to the “MOAI CROWN” State International State to State 1835 King William IV Admiralty Court of Law Flag Jurisdiction. As unauthorized use of “MOAI CROWN” Legal Bank Lien Debtors Instruments are violating "Moai Crown" Private Property LAW! They are automatically consumed as


Levy Debtor by Default of a "Moai Crown" State Confederation 7 day minimum Levy Debtor Conviction Notice of Intent Affidavit in Moai King Admiralty Court. Order of Moai Admiralty Commercial Bank Contracts Pound Note on anyone who takes ownership of any Moai Information found in your possession. Is Liable as a date of Discovery on that person on any web-site picked out and levied on the spot! Every Statement of Claim "Moai Crown" and or we make on facebook, twitter, google, youtube, other websites is the legal ownership property of "Moai Crown" Monarch Sovereign Chief Commander under  "King William IV Lord High Admiral Court of Law" in London England! Is the Jurisdiction and Constitution set out by "Moai Crown"


Federal State Government Administrators over Gods Earth Planet as described in Affidavits publicly displayed Internationally by Moai Administrators to over 2 Billion viewers. Describing “Moai God” Creator of Tikanga Lore Claim to his Invention Land Sea Sky Earth World on Moai websites. Or any of its associated web-sites including facebook. You DO have our permission to accept any Moai Levy Debtors Affidavits of Commercial Contract with and displayed by "Moai Crown" Admiralty Federal State Creditors as your risk of being Levy Debtor’ed. Moai is holding the true Legal Doctrines, Decrees, Debtors, Arrest Warrant Notices and profile information and every bit of content contained herein. Including, but not limited to our photos, and or the comments made about our photos or any other "picture" art posted on our profiles. Whose photos that Moai uses are strictly for the legal purposes of 


fact information we own is intact as of Moai trusteeship. And other unapproved Claim to any information we use to stake our claim must be respected at all times. The owners of any information “Moai Crown” use shall be included in any suit claim on the Moai Property Arrest Warrant at the same time against any Levy/lien Debtor. That means any unauthorized person using Moai Material makes you own Moai Bill Charge Debt Instrument against you. In that Moai information you use for your own Natural Person's benefit or that for your "Sole" Person of warm blooded living breathing talking persons usurping, impersonating, forging, faking any "Moai Statements. Material Words, Claims, Pictures, Ships, Vessels, Affidavits, Laws, or Impersonations,


Applications Moai Crown Admirals Marshalls Administrators,without prior written permission shall become Default Commercial Contract Levy Debtors by your Profile names surnames pictures screen printed with the material words information accused of committing fraud corruption and crimes of any state corporate person. Being a "Sole" Person, or Natural Person, Queen, King, President, Governor General, Prime Minister, Alien, Agent, Citizen. Taxpayer, Author, Non Contract Person, "Crown" Person. You are hereby notified that you are not prohibited from disclosing, copying, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to “MOAI CROWN” or My/Our profile name and surname and the contents herein or


anywhere in the world. Have the same LIEN/LEVY INDICTMENT Rights to REFUTE MOAI CLAIMS! The foregoing non prohibitions also apply to your employee, agent, student or any personnel under your direction or control, contents of this MOAI NGATAI and Moai Wanoa website profiles are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my/our Legal Representation as CUSTOMARY LEGAL ADVOCATE CREDITOR ASSIGNEE! ALL LEGAL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED WITHOUT PREJUDICE"! Here's the LEGAL "MOAI CROWN" DOCTRINES OF CLAIM STATEMENT! That you must REFUTE this AFFIDAVIT within 7 Days of its PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT, if you think it is WRONG and you are RIGHT!


You have a LEGAL RIGHT to Challenge it! After that time PASSES it will be DEEMED to be CORRECT LEGAL BINDING on all persons exposed to it or otherwise Defaulted Private Commercial Contract and is GODS SOVEREIGN TRUTH LAW!! TO THOSE WHO FOLLOW MOAI, You are under the protection of the British UK Government and Royal Navy Admiral of the Fleet JURISDICTION which OVERRULES any other LAW that VIOLATES these RULES of LAW as set out in "MOAI AFFIDAVITS AND MANDATES OF TE TII MARAE WAITANGI" 1835 KING WILLIAM IV COMMERCIAL BANK TRADE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE CONFEDERATION FLAG OF ADMIRALTY CONSTITUTION AND LEGAL JURISDICTION.


Plesae note that Moai Crown Federal State Government's  High Court of Admiralty Court Martial Law is practiced by the "Moai Crown" Court Private Investigators, Private Prosecutors, Sheriffs and Court Marshallsm have the highest Authority of the King of England King William IV Surrogate King, John Kahaki Wanoa Acting as his Kings Bench Judge Private Prosecutor and Levy Creditor throughout 250 Contries in the world under Kings Flag.